The year, 1963, which is pure conjecture on my part.  If you have information that suggests otherwise, please contact me.

junior high boys

"I'm on top of the world, Ma!"  (With apologies to Jimmy Cagney.)

Top: Johnny Montgomery.  Middle, L-R:  unknown, Jimmy Abney.  Bottom, L-R:  (the other) Gary Duke, Ken Kinsey, Ken Parker.

This shot was taken facing south, directly in front of the 2-story school with the auditorium and Highway 27 in the background.

junior high girls

Here's proof that, yes, once upon a time, school girls actually wore skirts and dresses.  

I can identify only a few of the kids, but if anybody would like to identify everyone, left/right, top/bottom, please send me the info.

This view is looking west.  The swamp that later became Dowdy Park is in the background.

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