trion men

Mary Myers contributed several wonderful photographs to the Chattooga County book, but due to lack of space some like the one above were not included.

Mary Myers states:

"The gentleman seated on the front right is Alexander McMillan Myers, Sr.  My daughter thinks the gentleman standing on the far right is a Mr. C. ____ Williams who worked at the Mill.  That is her recollection from what her grandmother, Sarah Agnew Myers, told her.  As to the background, I believe the house is that of Green Berry Myers.  I understood that it was the second house on the right as you headed south down DeForrest Avenue from Allgood Street."

The photograph on page 109 of the Chattooga County book shows Alexander McMillan Myers Sr. at the wheel of his Hupmobile in roughly the same location.  Both photographs appear to have been made within a few years of each other so one might guess the date as being sometime between 1914 and 1920.

Photograph courtesy of Mary Myers, from the family collection of Alexander McMillan Myers Sr.

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