This photograph was taken in 1916 and shows students from grades first through sixth at the Pennville School and Church building.

pennville school

Front row, left to right:  Lawrence Stowe, two sisters of Lawrence Stowe, Mary Maude Stowe, Edna Worsham, Margaret Howell Strickland, Carrie Dempsey, Alfred (Josh) Scoggins, Charley Worsham, Jim Tom Greeson, David Bayne, unidentified, and unidentified.

Second row:  Ann Bynum Tapp, Howard Ragland, Rose Lee Murphy, Willie Ramsey, Mildred Worsham, Clifford Worsham, Ray Ramsey, David Ramsey, Lucy Strange Colbert, Judd Lively, Grace Lively, Harry Bayne, Josey Strange, Mary Lou Lively, Stella Bayne, Ruby Ragland, Lena Dempsey, and ? Willingham.

Back row:  Judson Green (teacher), James L. (Doc) Bynum, Kathryn (Kate) Howell Bynum, Mimmie Ramsey, Mary Bynum Stowe, Hilton Smith, Laura Murphy, Palmor Roy Dempsey, Selena Smith Strange, Roy Murphy, Sneady Stowe Tribble, Tom Bynum, Lula Murphy Strickland, Deed Bayne, Venice Ragland, and Henry Smith.

Photograph courtesy of Lanny Thomas.

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