A photograph of the Riegeldale Dairy in Trion appears on page 33 of the Chattooga County photo history book, but here are some more photographs of the dairy started in the 1930s by the owner of the Trion Mill, Benjamin D. Riegel.

aeriel view

This aerial photograph of the dairy shows Highway 27 in Trion running left to right at the bottom.  The round formal gardens of the newly completed Riegeldale Tavern sit across the highway from the dairy.

view from tavern
Another view of Riegeldale Dairy taken in 1940 from the parking lot of Riegeldale Tavern, looking across Highway 27 through the formal gardens.


The dairy had a quality control lab where samples of milk were tested.


A photograph of some of the dairy staff taken in March of 1936.


Shown above are records for some calves born to Riegel's prize Guernsey cow, Green Meadow Melba.  Adjusted for inflation, the first cow sold for $354,000, the second for $248,000 in today's dollars. That's some hamburger!

Green Meadow Melba appeared in Life Magazine's February 8, 1937 edition in a Letter To The Editor written by Benjamin D. Riegel.  A photograph of the beneficent bovine accompanied the letter.

Photographs courtesy of Bill Barker.

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