senior officers

Our senior class officers were:  (L-R, bottom)  Cindy Warren, Terri Ellenburg.  (Top)  Scotty Gayler, Wayne Vaughn.  


Jim Gaylor and Paula Easter were voted Friendliest.

Steve Osby and Marilyn Fortune were our Wittiest students.

most athletic
Doris Fowler and Phil Cavin were voted Most Athletic.

most attractive
John Jackson and Linda Moore were voted Most Attractive.

Celia Thomas and Butch Myers were voted Most Likely To Succeed.

most courteous
Marie Brooks and Greg Thomas were our Most Courteous.

most spirit
Best School Spirit for Terri Ellenburg and Wayne Vaughn.

most talented

Steve Jones and Debbie Joyner were voted Most Talented.

guest entertainers

Another shot of Debbie and Steve.  Looks like they're at the Tavern.  (Photographer unknown.)

most dependable
Susan Tomlin and I were voted Most Dependable.

Here's another photo of the two of us taken for the yearbook, but never used.  The choice of this locale had something to with Grant Wood's famous painting, American Gothic.

best all around
Scotty Gayler and Paula Easter were Best All Around.

Celia, Becky, and Terri.

Pam Sturdivant points to CHS.

Jerry Pollard still enjoys playing his trumpet.

janet and phil
Janet and Phil point out the advantages of buying a window sticker.

Wayne Vaughn with underclassman Neicy Vaughn.

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