L.C. Smith has contributed several photographs to this website including some of the Tooga Theater which his father owned and operated for many years.  Below, he recalls playing football for Summerville High School in the 1950s.

The 1954 team went to the region playoffs against Rockmart, but lost 62 to 0.  I was a freshman and played guard on that team, but mostly warmed the bench during the 1954 season.  The starting lineup were all seniors and graduated at the end of the school year.

The 1955 season roster was pretty much starting from scratch. I was now a sophomore and the starting quarterback. The sports writers for the Summerville News, Chattanooga Times, Chattanooga Free-Press, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said “It Figured” as we went 1 and 9, beating only LaFayette.

Below is a photo of the 1955 team.

1955 football team
(front row, L to R) L.C. Smith, Jerry Willingham, Grady Willingham, Frank Elliott, Ralph Hall, Billy Denson, Jerry Baker, Morris Hogg, Billy Walters, Franklin Woods, Billy Williams, Tommy Kling, Wayne Denson. (back row, L to R) James Waters, Jerry Campbell, Ray Lee, Marnell Ricketts, Billy Murdock, Dan Hawkins, Jimmy Barron, Carlton Reynolds, William Roach, Winston Evett, John Shankles, Ted Bridges, Jerry Bridges. (not shown) Wayne “Doc” Hurley, Jackie Pierce.

A lot of experience was earned during that fateful year of 1955 and it was put to good use in 1956 when I became a Junior. The red and black went 7 – 2 – 1 and went on to the region championship against Ellijay (Gilmer County) which was played at Calhoun, a neutral field.

It was December 1, 1956 and was freezing cold on that evening. The game was a battle royal as neither team could even get in sight of the other's end zone.

With just under three minutes to play, Gilmer County scored on a short dink pass, but they missed the extra point to lead 6 – 0. The Indians tried their best to score, make the point and win the game. It was not to be as the game ended with Gilmer County on top 6 – 0.

We had lost to Ellijay (Gilmer County) during the season 13 – 0, lost to Trion 21 – 0, and tied Hapeville of Atlanta 0 – 0.

Below is a picture of the 1956 offensive team.

1956 offensive team
(front row L to R) William Roach (E), Billy Murdock (T), Wayne “Doc” Hurley (G), Billy Denson (C), Frank Elliot (G), Winston Evett (T), Ted Bridges (E). (back row L to R) Ralph Hall (HB), L.C. Smith (QB), Marnell Ricketts (FB), Jackie Pierce (HB).

Under the direction of Head Coach Lamar Parker, Assistant Coach Lenord Bruce, Joe Hamilton, and Charles Wright, the 1957 team did not fare as well as 1956, but still a respectable 5 – 3 – 2.  The two ties, Hapeville of Atlanta (again) and Model, should have been wins. Hapeville came from behind to tie and Model was down 13 to 0 and came back to tie.  

Below is a photo of the 1957 Summerville Indians.

1957 Summerville Indians
(first row L to R) Mgr. Lynn Bruce, Billy Williams, Ralph Hall, Harry Barnes, Ray Casey, Cody Chastain, Tommy Drummond, Jack Smith, Joe Williams, Billy Johnson, Petey Dunson, Mgr. Jimmy Smithson. (second row L to R) Mgr. Wayne Haggard, Leon Barnes, Jerry Baker, Marnell Ricketts, Jerry Willingham, William Barrentine, Donnie Cooper, William Roach, L.C. Smith, Farrill Allen, Steve Barker, Randy Freeney, Wayne Parker, Pat Freeney, Waymon Lee, Don Reynolds, Joe Williams, Alec Johnson, Joe Phillips, Tommy Hall, Franklin Bailey, Mgr. Ronald Johnson.

There were only seven seniors on the 1957 team which prepared the 1958 Indians with plenty of depth and experience.

1957 senior football players

football awards
1957 Football Awards.

Lest we forget all the support from the fans, cheerleaders, and the band, here are pictures from the 1957 football season.


  Linda Martin, Cheerleader Captain


  Linda Hix, Drum Major

marching band
The 1957 Summerville High School Marching Band.

The 1957 Summerville High School Majorettes.



Thanks to L.C. Smith for sharing his Summerville High School football memories and photographs.

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