taylor institute

The Taylor Institute was a private school started by Summerville businessman John D. Taylor in 1919 and was located on Highland Avenue. This photograph of the class of 1923 shows, from left to right,

(front row) ? Gass, Albert Brown, Louise Bynum, Lora Hill, Allie Crawford, Kathryn Henley, unidentified, Wanda Bell, Archie Alexander, Tom Hill Selman, and Kirby Jones;

(second row) Lawrence Leonard, Harold Bell, John Robert Smith, Naomi Bolling, Eugenia Powell, ? Doster, Frances McWhorter, Ida Mae McDonald, Susie Scott Bitting, Frances Caperton, Caroline Bennett, Catherine Hinton, Burell Simmons, and John Harlow;

(third row) Wright Wheeler, John Cox, and ? Godwin;

(back row) Grady Gaines, Seay Trible, Arthur Pilgrim, D.L. McWhorter, Scott Pullen, Mid M. Allen, Tommy Echols, Rob Dan Davidson, John D. Taylor, Jr., and Mattox Rich.

(Photograph courtesy of Dave Henley.)

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