An April 1956 brochure compiled by the Summerville Merchants Association and others included the following photograph:

teenage ten

The fellow on the left looks vaguely like Dr. Goodwin, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know who these gentlemen are and what was the occasion for the Teenage Ten Commandments?

Teenage Ten Commandments

1.  Stop and think before you drink.
2.  Don't let your parents down.  They brought you up.
3.  Be smart, obey!  You'll give the orders someday.
4.  Ditch dirty thoughts fast or they'll ditch you.
5.  Show off driving is juvenile.  Don't act your age.
6.  Pick the right friends to be picked for a friend.
7.  Choose a date fit for a mate.
8.  Don't go steady unless you're ready.
9.  Let your religion show.  Be loyal to Christ.
10.  Live carefully.  The soul you save may be your own.

I'm certain the very sight of this sign must have scared many a teenager toward the straight and narrow path of life.  Just imagine all the love-ins and freak-outs Chattooga County dodged during the 1960s.

Brochure courtesy of the Chattooga County Chamber of Commerce.

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