The History of the Trion Post Office

by Brad Hayes

post office
Trion Post Office at the Triangle Shopping Center, 1961.

Before Chattooga County was created in 1838, the Island Town Post Office was established in Walker County on April 25, 1837. John T. Storey served as the first postmaster. During his tenure, Island Town became a part of northern Chattooga County in 1838. The Post Office changed its name on June 26, 1845, to Half Way.

Richard A. Storey and Abraham Greathouse served as postmasters until the name changed again on December 20, 1845. The Post Office was once again called Island Town, and Albert G. Quinn was the postmaster.

The silent partner of the trio that purchased the cotton mill on October 12, 1845, became the next postmaster on December 26, 1846. Colonel William K. Briers owned one-fourth of the cotton mill, but sold his share to Andrew Perry Allgood. During Colonel Briers tenure, the post office changed its name to Trion Factory on January 29, 1847. Colonel Briers stayed until January 9, 1850.

Andrew P. Allgood served two different terms as the postmaster. His first term was from January 9, 1850, until the office was discontinued on January 5, 1867. The Post Office was re-established on January 22, 1867, and Elijah Hammond and Emaunel B. Campbell served in 1867. Mr. Campbell served until Andrew P. Allgood returned for a second term on June 10, 1872. Mr. Allgood served until his death on September 8, 1882. His son, DeForrest Allgood followed from 1882 until his death on January 20, 1890.

The last two postmasters to serve while under the name Trion Factory were Pleasant D. Fortune in 1890, and Green Berry Myers (1837-1910) served from November 19, 1891 until July 10, 1909. Mr. Myers served in the War Between the States, and worked as a bookkeeper with the cotton mill. The Post Office changed its name for the last time on July 27, 1904. After Island Town (1837-1847), Half Way (1845-1847), and Trion Factory (1847-1904), the new name was Trion (1904-Present), after the “trio” of men that founded the first cotton mill in Northwest Georgia.

Marshall G. Merritt (1909-1916), Will P. Tate (1916-1934), and Mrs. Carleen S. Bell (1934-1958) followed Mr. Myers as postmaster. Serving as Trion Postmaster since 1958 are Arvel M. Matthews (1958-1962), Charles Ralph Sprayberry (1962-1980), Patricia A. Rawls (1980-1982), James “Jimmy” S. Plummer (1982-1991), Ronnie Born (1991-2000), Aubrey Dale Housch (2000-2005), Joy Suzann Guthrie (2005-2010), and Manager Larissa Y. Deberry (2010 - Present.) Source:


Brad Hayes graduated from Trion High School in 1986, where he played baseball and football. After a distinguished career in Education, Brad became a full-time minister at Lookout Hall Church of Christ in Chattooga County. He also serves as Sports Editor and Historian for the Trion Facts, and as Vice President of Publicity for the Chattooga County Historical Society. He and his wife, Judy, have two sons, Luke and Jake. Brad kindly allowed Chattooga Photo History to reprint this essay which originally appeared in the Trion Facts.

Photograph by T. Emmett Nunn. Courtesy of Chattooga County Library.

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