wanda crowe

wanda crowe

Wanda Crowe remembers her days as a SHS cheerleader:

I LOVED being a cheerleader. We had so much fun and were full of spirit for our team. We all had great friend relationships with our players. I loved the games and the pep rallies in the auditorium on Fridays before games. I even loved the cheerleading practices. We had fun in everything we did. Great group of girls to be with and share.

I liked all my teachers, but I would say my favorite was Mrs. Nell Taylor. She taught English, probably everyone in Chattooga County knows that, and most had her in high school until she retired. She also taught Glee Club and I loved being in that and the performances we put on at special times like Christmas. There was always a spring concert before school was out.

There were so many good friends, but I would especially point out the friends I had from the time I started there in 8th grade… Margaret Hansard, Linda Demonia and Sandra Worsham who died at 50 years of age, so sad. My best male friends and they were just friends, never dated any of them, but that’s the best male friend you can have, at the time were probably Kelly Hudson, Jimmy Smithson, Mike Baker, Don Johnson, Bob Mahan.

We had Toles and Troy’s back then. My favorites were probably ice cold coke after cheerleading practice and French fries. I left Summerville just before my junior year, but still keep in close touch with some class members (class of 63) and go to the reunions which are so great. It’s just a chance to catch up with old friends and spend time with them.

I now live in Columbus, Georgia, and am retired from Columbus State University. I have a daughter, Kim; a grandson, Trey; and precious little great granddaughter, Emily. who is five years old. She has taken most of my time since I retired and I love it. I could so easily move back there to this day and totally enjoy life. Responsibilities to family and now battling cancer have kept me away, but I am very positive about this battle and know the Lord is with me every step of the way. We are already seeing improvement, but have a long way to go because of the seriousness of the cancer. Prayers are being offered for me all over this country and even in some other countries. My church had a healing service for me in my home Sunday night, anointing me and praying for me. It was so special and I know God’s spirit and healing touch were there.

Many thanks to Wanda Crowe for her recollections, and to her sister, Marie Crowe Noah, for contributing the black and white photograph.

Update: Wanda Crowe died October 25, 2014 at her home after her long battle with cancer.

Photographs by T. Emmett Nunn.

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