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"We, the Senior Class, dedicate the 1955 edition of the Sequoyah to Miss Jean Thomas and Mr. George C. Schroeder in appreciation of their untiring efforts and interest.

Their patience and understanding have encouraged the development within this school of a sound and comprehensive program of education. Their daily lives have been an unceasing inspiration to us.  They are always the same sympathetic companions, even through the darkest hours of our high school days.

To them we shall be forever grateful.  They not only live with youth... they are youth eternal."

senior class officers
Senior class officers were (L-R): historian Dewey Hughes, treasurer Dot Maxell, vice-president Billy Stephenson, assistant treasurer Charlotte Palmer, president Benny Joe Lively, and secretary Betty Lively.

football team
The 1954 season Indians were the 3-AAA North Champions.  Team member L.C. Smith recalls his SHS football experiences here.

Shootin' hoops in the Barn.


These Senior Superlatives were chosen by the faculty on the basis of their grades, extra-curricular activities, attitudes, and the senior's outstanding contributions to the class and school.  Seated (L-R): Dot Maxwell, Maxine Brown, Martha Housch, and Betty Ann Lively.  Standing (L-R): James Stephenson, Tommy McCurdy, Ann Lenderman, Roger Allison, Bennie Joe Lively, and Dewey Hughes.


Inside the auditorium, temporary walls were erected at the rear to provide extra classroom space.  The walls were later removed.

Thanks to Jan and Joe Pullen for providing the 1955 Sequoyah yearbook.

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