1956 Water Skiing on the Chattooga River - Pt. 2

Another photograph of water skiing on the Chattooga River appeared on this website in 2011.  (You can find it here.)  Here are two more photographs taken in 1956 with a different boat and skier.

boatThe mighty ship Janice-D with the tiller-handled Evinrude motor is powerful enough to pull this daredevil out of the murky waters of the Chattooga River.  

look out
Our daredevil drops a ski to slalom along the serene Chattooga.  Hey, you whippersnappers, watch out for the incoming ski and that water moccasin floating in the background!

(Didn't Stephen Foster write a song about this?)

Photographs by T. Emmett Nunn. Courtesy of Chattooga Library.

Copyright 2013 Greg W. McCollum.  All rights reserved.